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Moving Tips


1. Be Organized

- The more you can do to help, the faster and easier your move will be

- Labeling your boxes can make unpacking a breeze!

- Having someone ready to direct furniture at the unload will help your move go faster and as a result cheaper!

- Have hallways clear and doors unblocked to avoid any accidents

- Know what you are taking and what is staying, if you are unsure let your mover know at the beginning so they can still plan to include the item


2. Pack Effectively

- Remember to pack heavy items on the bottom & small delicates wrapped well on the top

- Don't overload your box's weight limit!

- Taping the bottom of boxes is an important step when packing!

- Be careful not to pack too full, any items sticking irregularly out of the sides or top of a box could get damaged easier.


3. Plan Ahead

- Daycare/babysitter allows you to focus more on your move and not have to worry about what your children are doing.

- Many apartment buildings require elevator bookings in advance of your move, please make sure you talk to your building manager about this prior to booking.

- Getting the house key seems like the last step but it should be done before your move. Customers who have to wait during their move for keys could rack up a few hours of waiting time onto their bill and those who aren't able to get them on moving day may have to find last minute storage solutions.

- When completed ahead of time, these small steps drastically reduce your moving time and bill!


4. Utilize moving equipment/supplies

-  We will wrap your belongings safely but don't be afraid to use whatever you can to further ensure your comfort, whether it be tape, wardrobe boxes, labels, packing paper, etc. 

- Packing & moving supplies are made to help you out!